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Tour of Gunston Hall and its Restored Riverside Garden and Luncheon at Ann Mason Room - May 17,2022


Evergreen members traveled to Gunston Hall, on a beautiful, cloudless day for a tour of George Mason’s home and garden. We had a fabulous guided tour of the riverside garden, currently being restored to its colonial times of bounty. 


The borders are planted with flowering perennials, as in colonial times, while the interior is reserved for growing herbs, and foods. The garden produces a large amount of food in season and this bounty is donated to a nearby food pantry. 


Employing precise geometry, Mason laid out the landscape features around the mansion on a 60′ grid. The garden fit into this overall scheme. Surrounded by a high fence, the garden was a private place the Mason family reserved for themselves and their guests. Each of the four garden squares provided beauty and function, as flowers surrounded vegetables.


George Mason and George Washington, avid gardeners, often traded seeds. It was George Mason who sent “Water-Melon” seeds to George Washington, therefore we can thank these two Founding Father’s for our national treat on the Fourth of July.


After our garden tour, a lovely, shady courtyard set-up with tables, provided the perfect spot for our luncheon of green salad, homemade chicken salad with currants, Pellegrino, brownies, lemon bars accompanied by Spotify playing George Winston’s Summer album. We felt like summer guests of George Mason!


Colet thanked the members, and thanked Jane DeCell who worked tirelessly to set this tour up over a two year timespan. She also thanked members of Evergreen’s current leadership team, and noted our wonderful new slate of officers. 


After lunch, tours were provided of George Mason’s ancestral home.


If you have an opportunity to tour Gunston Hall this summer, it’s worthwhile to travel back to colonial times in nearby Lorton, Virginia. 


Respectfully submitted,

Colet Mitchell

(For Pam Selden, Recording Secretary)

Minutes 2021-2022


















Evergreen Garden Club Meeting -  March 22, 2022



Check out our new website.  It’s up and running

Website name:

Password:  Forevergreen

To enter private members-only section, Etc.

The meeting was held “in person” at the home of Susie Taylor.


Members Present:

Connie Anderson, Jean Barquin, Winkie Crigler, Jane Dana, Jane DeCell, Doris Dixon, Helen Garrett, Claire Marshal, Sally Marshall, Dolly McKenna, Colet Mitchell, Pam Selden, Susie Taylor, and Xenia Wilkinson.  Louise Beale and Susan Vanderver were “present” via Zoom, thanks to Colet.


**Evergreen Garden Club Covid Safety Protocol**


Evergreen Members and their guests must be fully Covid vaccinated, boosted, and symptom free in order to attend Evergreen Garden Club meetings. If you are feeling unwell or have been in close contact with someone with a cold or sore throat symptoms, out of an abundance of caution, we request that you not attend in-person. 


For now, our social coffee half hour will be held outdoors on a deck or patio, where masks may be removed to enjoy coffee and treats. If the weather is inclement, the coffee time will be cancelled. When we move indoors for the presentation, all Evergreen Members and their guests must be masked, although we will allow our presenters, if they wish, to speak without wearing a mask to be better heard and understood. Masks will remain in place for the balance of the meeting and there will not be any shared food or drinks indoors.


Pre-Social Gathering:  Everyone gathered on Susie Taylor’s deck for the club’s first in-person get together in two years.  Everyone enjoyed coffee and delicious treats prepared by Winkie Crigler and Jean Barquin.  Our speaker Nancy Baggett also shared some of her delicious “lavender” flavored goodies.  Colet thanked Susie for hosting the meeting and Winkie and Jean for providing the refreshments. 


The Program:  The Art of Cooking with Lavender with Nancy Baggett

Jane DeCell introduced our speaker, Nancy Baggett.  Nancy is a well-known cookbook author, food journalist, gardener, and photographer.  She began the meeting with a journey ‘through lavender fields.” Nancy showed beautiful slides of varieties of lavender explaining which is the best type for use in culinary cooking, both for savory and sweets dishes.   Following her power point presentation, she had a cooking demonstration of three of her recipes:  a lavender syrup, lavender infused lemonade, and a lemon-berry Posset with lavender.  We each had a chance to sample the three recipes.  At the conclusion of meeting, we had chance to purchase her cookbook entitled The Art of Cooking with Lavender and she gave those members present a gift bag filled with three recipes and two little packets of different lavender.  It was a deliciously fragrant program!!    


Business Meeting:

Minutes of the February 22, 2022 meeting were approved.


Program Chairman:  Jane DeCell briefed the membership about the upcoming meetings.

Tuesday, April 20, 2022 – Tour of Brookside Gardens.  There will be a self -guided tour followed by an  optional picnic lunch.            


Tuesday May 17, 2022 – Tour of the Mansion and Gardens at Gunston Hall.  A catered luncheon will follow. 


Membership:  Xenia Wilkinson read a letter from Susan Vanderver proposing Donna Roberts for membership in the club.  There are now three candidates being proposed for membership in the club.  They are as follows: Lauren Sherlock, Rosa Maria Wallach and Donna Roberts.  Voting for the proposed candidates will take place soon by email.  Sharon Stoliaroff is designing the ballots. 


Treasurer’s Report: 

(Winkie Crigler’s Treasurer’s Report and Budget for the month of March will be posted on the web soon.)


Below is a copy of Winkie’s February 2022 Treasurer’s Report:


Hi Ladies, – Below is the Treasurer’s Report. 

Happy to report that all dues are in for the year; I just made the last deposit. This year we collected a total of $6,900 in dues (down slightly from our budgeted figure as we have lost one Active and one Associate member this year).  Currently we have $11,741.58 on hand. Given our upcoming expenses, this will easily allow us to make $5,000 in gifts/grants at the end of the year.



(202) 669-3638 (Mobile)



The following is a report from Mary Jane Glass: 


This is the best job ever!

1. Tregaron. Lynn Parseghian said the Evergreen grant was used last year for hourly workers' wages. Also for plants from the conservancy's wish list for the year. If we repeat the gift this year, they will use it similarly.


Lynn said that when their designer completes the 2022 plant list, she'll pass it on to us, for our members who want to plant more natives.


2. Rock Creek Conservancy. Executive Director Jeanne Braha and Development Manager Kelsey Pramik said last year's gift was used for four initiatives: restoring forest health, working towards diversity and social inclusion, engaging and educating youth, and improving the experience of visitors. A gift this year would be appreciated and much needed.


3. Bridges Across the River. Director Scott Kratz described measures to protect their community garden from deer and other animals. He welcomes visitors from Evergreen. Plans for the 11th Street Bridge Park are nearly complete, with work set to begin this year.


4. FONA Washington Youth Garden. I spoke to Director of Programs Brianne Studer. She sent links to their annual report, which lists their activities and accomplishments in 2021. It also lists their donors for the year. The first version they sent omitted us; I'm guessing next year's report won't make that mistake.😁 

xoxoxo mjg


Directory and Website Updates:

Cathy Farrell and Jane Dana are looking for volunteers to take on the job of handling the Website. 

Susie Taylor and Winkie Crigler have indicated interest. 








































































Evergreen Garden Club Minutes - January 18, 2022



Check out our new website. It’s up and running. 

Website name:

Password:   Forevergreen

To enter private members-only section, etc. 


The Meeting was held on Zoom hosted by EGC President Colet Mitchell.


Members Present:

Connie Anderson, Kathryn Baker, Jean Barquin, Louise Beale, Carol Cramer,Jane Dana, Jane DeCell,

Doris Dixon, Cathy Farrell, Molly Fenwick, Betsy Forster, Mary Jane Glass, Kay Glenday, Jeanette Harper,

Helen, Mary Fran Koltes, Betty Langhammer, Claire Marshall, Sally Marshall, Dolly McKenna, Colet Mitchell,

Jane Nassim, Pam Selden, Jane Simchak, Susie Taylor, Susan Vanderver (guest Donna Roberts) and

Xenia Wilkinson.


The Program:  Refreshing Your Landscape


Susan Vanderver moderated the program for the meeting.  Four of the club’s members,

Kathryn Baker, Susan Vanderver, Colet Mitchell, and Cathy Farrell, shared slides of their gardens. 

Each told of how they tackled specific problems in landscaping and in plant and scrubbery selections to achieve the redesigning and refreshing they wanted in their garden. 

Kathryn needed shielding her house from the road which in time led to updating her garden;  

Susan began her project by first focusing on the front of her house where she wanted have plantings that were in scale to the size and height of her house; Colet created a lovely conservation garden with beautiful native plants; and Cathy achieved her goal of making a beautiful outdoor garden space for entertaining.  They each narrated their slides.  There was an opportunity for questions.

Susan Vanderver has kindly made a video of this program which will give all the members, and especially those who couldn’t join in, the chance to see all the gardens and hear each person’s commentary.   Hopefully it will be available for viewing on the website soon!


Everyone agreed this was an excellent program and felt that the club should plan to do it again next year.  There was a big round of applause for Susan, Kathryn, Colet and Cathy and a very special thank you to Susan for being the formidable Tech person that made this program happen flawlessly!


Business Meeting:

November meeting minutes were approved.


Susan Vanderver introduced her guest, Donna Roberts.  Donna is interested in getting involved in a local garden club and is an experienced gardener.


Program Chairs:  Jane Dana and Jane DeCell gave a rundown of the upcoming programs.


  • February 22nd will be a Zoom Meeting.  Drew Ashbury Horticulturalist and Volunteer Manager at Hillwood Gardens will be speaking about ecological practices that are being used at Hillwood Garden.

  • March 8th is Spring Clean -Up at Tregaron Conservancy.

  • March 22nd is a program called The Art of Cooking with Lavender.  It hoped that the program can be in person.  If it has to be postponed, another program will be planned.  TBD

  • April 19th is a Tour of Brookside Gardens and an optional picnic lunch to follow.

  • May 3rd   is a Volunteer Workday at Tregaron

  • May 17th is a tour of Gunston Hall and the restored Riverside Garden


Membership:   Xenia said that Penny Hannallah has resigned from the club which brings the club to have 5 openings in membership.  If you have a someone you would like to propose, please contact Xenia. The deadline for is February 1st.


Treasurers Report:   Sally Marshall gave a brief report for Winkie Crigler who could not attend the meeting. 

See the full report from Winkie below:


Good evening, ladies. Sorry this is so late – the baby came home today and it has been a bit chaotic.

January Treasurer’s Report – Evergreen Garden Club

Right now we have $11,591.58 in our account. Have collected almost all of the dues (waiting on the last check which is in the mail but I am not at home this week to collect it). Still expecting meeting expenses and NCAGC dues and a few other expenses, but we should have enough in our account to do $5,000 in grants/gifts this year.


Also I would like to recommend that we consider City Blossoms for a grant either this year or the next. It is a wonderful little organization that has several urban gardens in poorer parts of the city with lots of classes and green space (so important during the pandemic when the only places we could gather were outside!). They also work with schools in the area that want to set up school gardens; it is a multi-year process to ensure that each school follows through on its garden and is successful.

I would be happy to set up a field trip to see one of their gardens, or to get a presentation for a Zoom or in person meeting. 




Nominating Committee:       

Colet asked for volunteers for the Nominating Committee.  Ellen Thrasher’s name was mentioned. 


Colet closed the meeting with a big “thank you” to the members and again a round of applause for the Kathryn, Susan, Colet, and Kathy for sharing their gardens!


Respectively submitted,

Pam Selden, Recording Secretary

Evergreen Garden Club Minutes - November 16, 2021


The meeting was held on Zoom hosted by EGC President Colet Mitchell.  Attendees: 

Kathryn Donaldson Baker, Jean Barquin, Louise Beale, Carol Cramer, Winkie Crigler, Jane Dana,

Jane DeCell, Betsy Forster, Betty Langhammer, Sally Marshall, Colet Mitchell, Sharon Stoliaroff, Susie Taylor, Susan Vanderver, and Xenia Wilkinson.


Social Pre-Meeting:  The group generally agreed that the Covid situation is improving so we should be able to meet in person again by the February meeting.  The March meeting will also be in person.  The April and May meetings are garden tours.  Sharon Stoliaroff is interested to find back-up homes and food suppliers for February and March.  If you can assist, please contact her at or cell phone (301) 785-6369.


Speaker:  Jeanne Ha of Park Florist in Takoma Park, and Head of the Washington Flower School, AIFD, SAM, AND IFDA, led our group through a series of three dried flower arrangements in beautiful and different containers.  Jeanne mentioned that our meeting was timely, because young people are expressing new interest in dried flower arrangements. She suggests selecting a simple container, and emphasizing different textures while creating your arrangements.  Other tips:


  • To dry flowers, hang them upside down in a dark room with air circulation to avoid mold.  A cold garage or shed should be fine.  Spray with unscented hair spray to help preserve. 

  • Hydrangeas tend to lose their color; use mostly for texture.  May want to spray paint them.  (Winkie suggested that lower branch hydrangeas, out of light, retain color best.)

  • It’s okay to mix dried and fresh flowers in a vase.  It’s nice to have a vase of dried/fresh flowers displayed throughout the year.  Just change out what is looking tired.  For the holidays, throw in a few purchased sparkling balls, berries, or tinted leaves.

  • Jeanne likes narrow-necked vases for dried arrangements or mixed dried/fresh. When using a vase that contains fresh flowers, fill the water nearly up to the neck of the vase.

  • If using frail stems like lavender, spray with water before arranging, so the dry elements don’t drop while being handled.

  • Magnolia leaves are beautiful, both the green parts and the velvety back sides.  Don’t let the leaves touch water in a vase, or the velvet texture will be lost.

  • When our speaker finished demonstrating, Colet, Jane DeCell, Jane Dana, Betty, Betsy and Winkie shared their creative arrangements with the group.


Business Meeting:

October meeting minutes were approved.


Xenia (Membership Chair) reported that we have 4 openings for the spring as we currently have 41 active members.  Nomination letters, with seconding and supporting letters, are due on February 1st.


Jane Dana updated the group on the recent Tregaron Conservancy work day on November 9.  The weather was lovely and nine women attended to help move plants.  The area around our EGC plot is changing with a new terrace and bench planned.  There is a new volunteer supervisor who met our group, as well as Executive Director Lynn Parseghian.


Our January meeting will be a Zoom with selected members sharing their experiences from re-doing their gardens or landscaping recently.  February will be in person and will feature Eco-Gardening with the head of Hillwood Gardens.  March will be in person and will feature Cooking with Lavender.  Colet is looking for members to help our focus on native plants by highlighting a favorite plant for two minutes at the end of a meeting.  Contact Colet if you can help.


The web site is up and running successfully.  A big thanks to Jane Dana and Cathy Farrell who made this happen.  The website is, and the password is Forevergreen.  The website is not as easy to maintain as hoped.  There is some consideration of moving to a new platform.  Contact Jane Dana or Cathy if you can help with this.  Some members have had trouble accessing the site from their phones.  Colet said the web site and password will be included on all meeting notices this year so members are reminded of the site.


Attached are photos of the arrangements prepared by our speaker, Jeanne Ha


A good time was had by all attendees.


Respectfully submitted,


Susan Vanderver for Pam Selden






Evergreen Garden Club’s Fall Volunteer Day at Tregaron Conservancy was on Tuesday,

November 9.2021.   All present agreed it was a special day in that we could be together “in person”  and the day couldn’t have been more beautiful…. a perfect November day, bright sun and warm temperatures.   Nine members present included Colet Mitchell, Jane Dana, Ellen Thrasher, Jackie Poortman, Catherine Farrell, Connie Anderson, Jane Nassim, Kay Glenday, and Pam Selden.


Lynn Parshegian  Executive Director of the Conservancy, greeted us and set forth  the plan for the morning.   Kathy Sykes joined the group in her role as Volunteer Coordinator.   With our spades and trowels, we were instructed to help clear Bishop Weed from the garden areas.  A group of new Toad Lilies were planted at the top of the stone path.  In one section some Painted Ferns were removed to a location where they will be replanted closer to the pond and it made room for some Bee Balm plants that was planted.    


It was a fun and productive day!  

Thanks to Jane Dana for organizing and arranging and to Colet for her leadership.  



Members present:

Connie Anderson, Louise Beale, Cherry Bourque, Carol Cramer, Jane DeCell,

Doris Dixon, Cathy Farrell, Fossy Fenwick, Betsy Forester, Helen Garrett, Nancy Gorman, Winkie Crigler, Jeannette Harper, Theresa Hart, Betty Langhammer, Diana Luke-Hopson, Muffin Lynham,

Claire Marshall, Sally Marshall, Colet Mitchell, Pam Selden, Jane Simchak, Anne Snodgrass, Ellen Thrasher, Susan Vanderver, and Xenia Wilkinson



ALERT ALERT!!!!!     Breaking News!!!

Evergreen Garden Club’s new website is up and running – thanks to Cathy’s and Jane’s hard work.

Here is the link

Password for the membership page is Forevergreen

The Business Meeting:


The minutes of the September meeting were approved.


Membership Report:  Xenia Wilkinson said that there were no new nominations for membership this fall.  She is asking for new nominations.  Those names are due by February 1, 2022.  Names of those people will be announced at the March 2022 meeting and voted on in April2 022.  There are 4 vacancies in the membership. 


Programs:  Jane DeCell announced the following about November programs:


Tuesday, November 9, 2021 – 10:30 AM  (Rain date Thursday, November 11 10:30 AM).

Volunteer Workday at Tregaron Conservancy for the Fall Cleanup


Tuesday November 16, 2021. Fall Dried Flower Arranging Workshop

 Jeanne Ha of Park Florist will conduct a Zoom Workshop.


Treasurer’s Report:

Winkie Crigler Treasurer’s Report is as follows:


 Treasurer’s Report for October 2021 Evergreen Garden Club meeting:


We started the year with $5,556.58 on hand. I have deposited the dues checks received in September plus guest fees for the Bishop’s Garden tour and we have had 2 meetings with speakers through today. We now have a balance in our account of $8,436.58.


Things worth noting in the attached budget:

  1. I have estimated $750 as an estimate for the website. That could change and might increase if we decide to hire someone to help and train. (Or it might be less.)

  2. I have estimated $1,600 for the speakers at our meetings. That may end up being a bit lower (I don’t yet have all of the proposed speakers’ fees.)

  3. Based on the numbers in the budget, as of now we have $4,500 budgeted for grants/projects. I try to come out about even each year in terms of income and expenses, and spending $4,500 means that our expenses would exceed our income by $435 this year. We have a pretty substantial reserve (over $5,000), and we may decide that we want to dip further into it and do $5,000 in grants/projects in the spring. To be discussed at a future meeting.


In terms of dues, I have received checks from 27 of our 41 Active members, and 2 of our 6 Associate members. Dues payments are due by the end of October, and there is a $25 penalty for dues not received by December 1. I will send a reminder in early November to those people who haven’t paid yet. 


Respectfully submitted,

Winkie Crigler, Treasurer



The Program:  Gardening – It’s for the Birds. 


Cathy Farrell introduced our speaker, Joanne Hutton.  She is a Virginia Master Naturalist and is the Co-Chair for the Plant Nova Natives campaign which helps support the habitat for birds, butterflies and pollinators and healthy water.  Joanne gave a very interesting presentation on how interconnected plants and birds are and how one does not thrive without the other.  She emphasized how important it is to plant native plants in our own gardens to support bird life. 

Joanne suggested there are two very good books on this subject by author Douglas Tallamy. 

They are:  Bringing Nature Home and Nature’s Best Hope.


See below a very nice note from Joanne with links to important information from her presentation and also of her all her power point slides.  


Colet thanked Joanne for her excellent presentation. 


Dear Colet,


Your group was mighty patient, as were you, as we worked around our many technical complications yesterday morning.  I'm happy to report that the Genius Bar was able to resuscitate my MacBook yesterday afternoon, which was an enormous relief. 


Thank you for the opportunity to be with all of you.  I was not able to spend much time on resources your members might use, but there is a section in this power point version that addresses that.  I'm attaching it as both a pdf, for simplicity, and a google doc, which offers a few speakers' notes that could be useful.  I'm also sorry not to have had time to answer more questions.  Your members are welcome to contact me directly with any.


The best resource for gardeners I can recommend is our Plant NOVA Natives Guide, Native Plants for Northern Virginia, available online or for order here:  There's a mobile app that goes with it that addresses deer resistance, and a wealth of information including sources of native plants in the area.  


Master Gardeners of Northern Virginia have put together a lot of excellent materials, which include their "Tried and True" plant descriptions (, and a virtual classroom series on natives (


Additionally, your members might enjoy a cache of recorded webinars (with two more lives ones coming up) sponsored by the Plant Virginia Natives campaign (of which Plant NOVA Natives is part and parcel):  The fee is $10 for full access to twelve presentations by a range of statewide authorities, to include Doug Tallamy.


Finally, the one point I failed to make is that conservation works!  This is a place and a way for all of us to make a difference, and when we plant the right things, the critters will come!  


Enjoy your year of exploration, learning and sharing together!



Joanne Hutton

703 282-4964


Note from Fossy Fenwick: 


Hello All,

I thought today's meeting was excellent.

A great source for native plants, trees and shrubs is Chesapeake Natives, Inc., 9640 Rosaryville Rd, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772. It's a non-profit run mostly by volunteers at the old historic Mt. Airy farm which was bought by the state years ago. They are using the old greenhouse and even the pool for aquatic plants. It's about a 40 minute drive from Chevy Chase.  You can look up the group up at which has a list of all the plants they sell. I've been multiple times and have their plants happily growing in my garden.

Cheers, Fossy


Respectively submitted,

Pam Selden, Recording Secretary

Below find the link that will take you to the Native Plants presentation by Joanne Hutton, October 19, 2021.

Catherine Farrell



On a spectacular September morning, we gathered at the Bishop’s Garden. Colet Mitchell had name tags and bottles of water for us.  There was no business meeting this morning, but please do be aware that letters of nomination for new members are due to Xenia Wilkinson by October 1. 


The tour began with a presentation by two members of All Hallows Guild who outlined the history of the garden, including current restorations in the garden.  The Cathedral Close includes 59 cultivated acres:  includes the athletic fields, cultivated gardens, woods, lawns, a prayer path, and the Bishop’s Garden. 


On the morning of our visit, the brilliant blue sky, sunlight, and deeply shaded areas seemed to highlight the magnificent new boxwoods and cedars that have been added to restored areas of the garden.  The roses in the garden were near perfect, and the extensive boarders of blue and purple   flowers were spectacular, seemingly alive with bees and butterflies. 



Jane DeCell, Colet Mitchell (2 guests, Connie McMurray and one other), Cathy Farrell (1 guest, Louis Hart), Jean Barquin (1 guest), Connie Anderson, Dolly McKenna, Mary Frances Koltes, Lynn Keith, Winkie Crigler, Susan Vanderver (1 guest), Hellen Garrett (1 guest, her daughter Schuyler Ryan), Jane Dana (2 guests, Betsy Kleeblatt and Jane Newport).    


Catherine Farrell

Minutes from Evergreen Garden Club Meeting  February 22, 2022



Check out our new website.  It’s up and running

Website name:

Password:  Forevergreen

To enter private members-only section, Etc.  



The meeting was held on Zoom hosted EGC President Colet Mitchell.   


Members Present:

Jean Barquin, Louise Beale, Cherry Bourque, Winkie Crigler, Jane DeCell, Fossy Fenwick, Kay Glenday, Betty Langhammer, Helen Large, Diana Luke-Hopson, Lenora Lynham, Sally Marshall, Dolly McKenna, 

Colet Mitchell, Donna Roberts (guest of Susan Vanderver), Sharon Schall, Pam Selden, Sharon Stoliaroff, Ellen Thrasher and Xenia Wilkinson


Social Pre-Meeting:  During the coffee time Colet held a brief introduction to the Evergreen Website.  


The Program Speaker:   Drew Asbury, Backyard Eco-Gardening

Jane DeCell introduced our speaker, Drew Asbury.  He is the Horticulturist and Volunteer Manager of Hillwood Estate, Museum and Gardens.  His presentation and slides were about implementing the eight Elements of Conservation Gardening.   He encouraged us to use these elements in our own gardens.  The elements are: 1) Design to benefit the environment,2) Native plants, 3) Invasive plants management, 4) Wildlife habitat, 5) Healthy air quality, 6) Clean water 7), Healthy soil and 8) Management.  


Colet thanked Drew very much for his informative presentation and she said that his Power Point talk will be posted on our website. The link is________(the link will be provided when slides are posted)


Business Meeting:

Minutes of the January 18, 2022 meeting were approved.


Program Chairman. Jane DeCell briefed the members about upcoming meetings in March.


March 8th is Tregaron Spring Clean Up Day.  Please respond to Jane Dana by March 2nd


March 22nd The Art of Cooking with Lavender.  This will be the club’s first in person meeting in two years.   It will be at the home of Susie Taylor. Please RSVP two weeks prior to the meeting as the speaker will be bringing items for the members present. 


Membership:  Xenia announced that the club has two nominees for membership.  Ellen Thrasher is nominating Lauren Sherlock and Colet Mitchell is nominating Rosa Maria Wallach.  Xenia read the nominating letters for the two candidates. 


Treasurer's Report: 

Hi, Ladies – Below is the Treasurer’s Report.  

Happy to report that all dues are in for the year; I just made the last deposit. This year we collected a total of $6,900 in dues (down slightly from our budgeted figure as we have lost one Active and one Associate member this year).  Currently we have $11,741.58 on hand. Given our upcoming expenses, this will easily allow us to make $5,000 in gifts/grants at the end of the year.



(202) 669-3638 (Mobile)


Report from Cathy Farrell:   Cathy said the Directory is available on our website.  It is proposed that a printed hard copy of the Directory will be made every five years. 


Hospitality:  Sharon Stoliaroff announced that the March 22 meeting will be at the home of Susie Taylor 4721 Cumberland Avenue, Chevy Chase, MD

Winkie Crigler and Jean Barquin will be hostess for the meeting.


Ad Hoc Archives:  Jeanette Harper, Sharon Schall and Susan Vanderver are serving on the Archive Ad Hoc.  They had a rousing morning sorting through boxes of 70 years of Evergreen Garden Club record keeping and streamlining those records.  Colet gave a huge thank you to Susan Vanderver for spearing heading this committee. 


Colet closed the meeting with a reminder that next year is the club’s 70th anniversary.  Looking for members to plan a celebration.  


Respectively submitted,

Pam Selden, Recording Secretary


Evergreen Garden Club Brookside Garden Tour.  April 19, 2022


Check out our new website.  It’s up and running

Website name:

Password:  Forevergreen

To enter private members-only section, Etc.


Members Present:

Jean Barquin, Jane Dana, Jane DeCell, Doris Dixon, Cathy Farrell, Lynn Keith, Dolly McKenna, Colet Mitchell, Donna Roberts, Pam Selden, Anne Snodgrass, Susan Vanderver, and Rosa Maria Wallach.  


Brookside Garden Tour:

On very a blustery and cold morning 13 members of the garden club toured the Brookside Gardens in Wheaton, MD.      Though we were hoping for a warm, spring day, the weather didn’t dampen a beautiful tour.  The tulips and spring plantings were vibrant and beautiful.  The trees on the 50 acre property are magnificent and with tranquil walking trails, comfortable benches and a gazebo, Brookside Gardens allows for beautiful viewing.  


Business Meeting:  

 Following the tour, we gathered and President Colet Mitchell thanked Jane Decell for arranging the morning’s fabulous tour.  


Jane DeCell reminded us of the upcoming Events and Meetings for the month of May:

*Tregaron Spring Clean - Up Day on May 3rd

*Tour of Gunston Hall and its Riverside Garden May 17th - end of the year meeting.  There will be a private tour and a luncheon will follow.  


Colet introduced two of our club’s new members:  Donna Roberts and Rosa Maria Wallach.  It was so nice they were able to join the tour.  A special welcome to them both!!


Colet has forwarded the new slate of officers with thanks to EGC nominating committee, 

Susan Vanderver  and Diana Luka-Hopson.  


Susan’s and Diana’s announcement is as follows:


The Evergreen Garden Club Nominating Committee is pleased to announce the following slate of officers for the upcoming program year:


Slated Candidate


Jane Dana

1st VP (Program Chair)

Jane DeCell

2nd VP

Ellen Thrasher

Recording Secretary

Mary Jane Glass

Corresponding Secretary

Anne Snodgrass


Winkie Crigler

Asst Treasurer

Sally Marshall


Cathy Farrell

With this group of both experienced leaders and new members, we are sure to have a terrific year ahead.  Many thanks to all who agreed to serve our wonderful Club!  


Respectfully submitted,

Diana Luka-Hopson & Susan Vanderver

The EGC Nominating Committee


At the conclusion of the morning tour, a few members stayed and enjoyed a picnic at the garden.


The morning ended at 11:30 AM

Respectively submitted,  

Recording Secretary, Pam Selden

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